VidgoTV is proud to announce the annual $2,000 VidgoTV.com scholarship. At Vidgo TV, we are excited about the future. We believe great technology will enhance our lives in ways we have not yet envisioned. By creating this scholarship we want to encourage students to think critically about what the world will look like in 5 or 10 years. These are the students who will shape this future, with inventions, discoveries, and new developments. This scholarship is open to all university students, including those who will be starting in August 2018. The application process is simple: you will have to write an essay (minimum of 750 words) on one of the topics listed below.

  • How will virtual reality affect television?
  • How do you envision artificial intelligence in the world of entertainment?
  • What do you see as the future of streaming tv in the next 10 years?
  • Does tv make us smarter?
  • What would be the perfect tv app for you?

When writing the essay, use specific reasons and examples to support your answer. You should include at least three credible sources of information. We want to encourage creativity, research and critical thinking skills in these essays, skills which will help you achieve success in your future career.

What are you waiting for? Start preparing the outline. The deadline approaches…

DEADLINE: September 1, 2018

Scholarship Application Form

  • Current Student
  • Incoming Freshman

If I am the winner of the essay contest, I understand that VidgoTV.com will request a photo of me to include on the website. I agree to submit a photo of myself to VidgoTV.com. I understand that my photo will be used on the "past winners" section of the website. I give my permission to VidgoTV.com to use my photo if I win the contest.

Rules and Regulations